Fitr Eid Mubarak

We , Shidam Company Pvt Ltd, sends to all Muslims in our country and the world Eid ul Fitr Mubarak of this Hijree year 1441.

Thank You

From the directors and management of Shidam Company Pvt Ltd

Ramallan Kareem and Mubarik

The owners and directors with the management of Shidam Company wishes all Muslims Ramallan Kareem and Mubarik...

Ramallan greetings this Hijree year 1441.

Actually we were very late in posting this and we send our apologies...Ramallan started on Friday 24 April 2020 and tonight is Thursday 29 April 2020

Stay safe from Covid-19 everyone...

New year greetings

Happy new year 2020 to all Maldivians and our customers...

From the management of Shidam Company Pvt Ltd

Republic Day Victory Day and National Day greetings

O Wazan! Dhivehi Meditation Song

Lucas Jaleel

The staff , management, and board of directors of Shidam Company Pvt Ltd wishes warm greetings on the Republic Day of Maldives, 11 November 2019.

We would like to send our greetings of the Eid Meeladhee of our prophet of Islam, holy Muhammad (Peace be upon him and his companions) on 9 November 2019.

Also we sent our regards on the Victory Day of Maldives 3 November 2019 and the National Day of Maldives 29 October 2019.

Thank You.

Islamic New Year greetings

Happy new Islamic (Hijree) new year 1441 ( 1 Muharam 1441 / 31 August 2019) to all Muslims around the world...

From the staff and management

Alhaa Eid Mubarik

We wish all of you Alhaa Eid Mubarik and greetings...

From the management and staff of Shidam company Pvt ltd

Independence Day greetings

Independence Day of Maldives greetings to everyone...

From all the staff and management of Shidam Company

Shiyaz Adam and Adam Waheed
Managing Director and Director